large rustic kitchen island

Say ‘Yes’ to Rustic Kitchen Island

Rustic kitchen island is just one among kitchen island designs in home design. Basically, rustic design refers to furniture appearance from countryside. It is simple and rough, thus becomes something unbearable thing to see. Even so, such type is often used in home design, to provide countryside and natural look of course. However, what do we do if we cannot bear such thing? Let’s discuss it here. How to bear […]

battenburg lace tablecloth

Make Winter Accent on Your Table with Lace Tablecloth

Lace tablecloth is one way to decorate table top. Indeed, often people tend to let the top uncovered with anything for easy maintenance in case if there are spills of something from the food and drink. However, if there is a thing that can decorate table top, it would be tablecloth. Well, flower case or fruit basket will do as well, but it cannot do more than giving simple chic […]

perennial garden designs

Hibernation Plants In Perennial Garden Design

Perennial garden design is the surprising garden ever created. That is the different name for the perennial of the designed garden. That happened because the garden presents the surprising plants which have the interval to grow. In fact, the plants will look like death, but it will grow on the next season. Let’s say that the plants are not appropriate for the winter. Then, the plants will disappear, but it […]

brick patio patterns

Brick Patio: the Unique Use It Can Offer

Brick patio has always been people’s choice to design the outdoor ground. Well, actually an area outside a house with no roof often uses various kinds of stone for the floor. One common type of stone used for such purpose is brick. Brick is good to bring natural air, thus patio with brick floor can blend perfectly with outdoor circumstance, like the greenery in the garden. The Outdoor Living Space […]

diy bathroom remodel on a budget

DIY Bathroom Remodel for the Elegant Bathroom

DIY Bathroom Remodel is one of ways for people to decorate their bathroom into elegant one by their own hand. It means that people can easily to remodel their bathroom appearance by their own hand to make the new model in the bathroom. In other words, people can save their money much by using their own hand to decorate their bathroom because people do not need to spend their money […]

mediterranean garden society

Turn Your Side Yard with Mediterranean Garden Design

Mediterranean garden design has certain element that is often used in various kinds of garden design idea. This element is gravel, small rounded stones that are mixed with sand. Why not turn your small side yard with this design idea? With such great and famous design, even small plain space can turn into a nice-looking place for resting or just enjoying its nice sight to freshen up your mind. Debora […]

how to install walkway pavers

A Touch of Style with Walkway Pavers

Walkway pavers performed with a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes that can be adjusted with the power of imagination and theme parks that you have in order to create a harmonious shade. When you apply the paver on the area of your garden that form a path to the house will give a touch of style to your garden look, and can give a different feel to the […]

zinc table top dining tables

Zinc Top Dining Table as the Greatest Dining Table

Zinc Top Dining Table is one of the best products that can be the best one in your home. Using the zinc as material, this one will look strong that can be a symbol of yours. Furthermore, this one also has longevity that can stand in many years as your table. Therefore, this one can be the best choice for people to make their home looking great. Beside, this one […]

bathroom towel racks free standing

Bathroom Towel Racks for the Efficiency in the bathroom

Bathroom Towel Racks can help people to find their bathroom looking elegant. Using this one in their bathroom can make the bathroom appearance neatly. The neatness in the bath room will give comfortable sense for people because the neatness can give a clean sense in the bathroom. Furthermore, this one also can help people to put their towel when they are taking a bath in the bathroom. Without this one, […]